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smART is not a social movement. 

smART is not art.

smART speaks across contexts.

We are an independent non-profit collective network of artists, scholars and researchers, human rights practitioners, and academic institutions with strong local and international supporters. 

We provide advice, presentations, curated exhibits, educational events, and grants for independent researchers and artists in order to support critical educational outreach, free creative expression, and public dialogue in Ukraine.


We aim for contexts and forums open to diverse viewpoints in order to sustain learning, free speech, and discussion in a time of struggle.

current dialogues
human rights: what are they?

Lviv. UCU conference. 06/28/2018

on violence: ethnic, symbolic?

Kyiv. America House. 07/31/2018


holocaust education

Canada-Kyiv. Autumn 2018

roma becoming visible


feminism: who? what?

Kyiv. Autumn 2018.

media literacy

Multiple cities. Ukraine. Ongoing.

is it censorship?

Kyiv. Ongoing..

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